Road to Recovery Quilt

The Nikki Perlow Foundation is CELEBRATING SUCCESS with The Road to Recovery Quilt project. Each quilt panel is a brick in the road of someone who is conquering their addiction to drugs or alcohol. As the quilt grows, so will awareness that there are many successful and powerful stories on the road to recovery.

Design Your Brick

Each quilt "brick" bears the name, sobriety date, and word or short phrase about the recovery process that is meaningful to them.

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Sobriety is a journey, not a destination.

Individuals who grapple with alcohol and drug addiction face an evolving journey on the road to recovery. Too often, we hear about those who have lost their battle, but the truth is, there are so many more who are succeeding. Help build the road, so we can share positive experiences and celebrate the triumph of recovery over the devastating disease of addiction.

3 ways to get on the road

Our mission is to help young adults conquer the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and succeed in long-term recovery. We do this by providing financial, emotional and logistical support throughout their journey. We also provide education tied to awareness and prevention of substance abuse while striving to eliminate the stigma associated with the disease of addiction.

Celebrate Success!

Why Build the Road?

As the quilt grows, we will take it on the road to help destigmatize the perception of addiction and increase awareness among policy makers, the media and the general public about the positive and uplifting stories of recovery that offer us hope.

Tales from the Road...

Jess Reynolds

"In the beginning of my recovery I was alone and afraid. I got out of jail with the clothes on my back. I was in a strange town, knew nobody and the people I did know didn’t think that I would ever get it together..." read more

Kathy Norman

"I was so sad. My brother told me “they will help you with everything else, too.” Those were magic words to me, I was willing to do anything to feel better. So I went to Father Martin’s Ashley for 28 days which is the beginning of my recovery journey..." read more

Making a Difference

​The Nikki Perlow Foundation is committed to helping young adults and their families struggling with addiction and recovery. NPF is not only driving awareness to the disease of addiction but helping many people in crisis. With funds raised as a direct result of our events, as well as corporate and personal donations, we are able to provide much needed assistance to pay for treatment, along with direct funding for prevention and education programs, sober housing and an array of other treatment resources. We have gifted over a quarter million dollars since organizing in 2008.

As the Foundation grows, we hope to have a positive impact on young adults as they seek to reclaim their lives from the terrible disease of addiction.

If you would like to learn more about the NPF, or are interested in getting involved, email:

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